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Research studies

Below various scientific studies that have been conducted are mentioned. These studies are about CPR and cardiac arrests in general, as wel as the results of the alert system.

Title: Local lay rescuers with AEDs, alerted by text messages, contribute to early defibrillation in a Dutch out-of-hospital cardiac arrest dispatch system

Researchers: Jolande A. Zijlstra, Remy Stieglis, Frank Riedijk, Martin Smeekes, Wim E. van der Worp, Rudolph W. Koster (28 July 2014)

Outcomes: the alert system with deployment of citizen responders and AEDs contributes to an earlier defibrillation in case of out-of-hospital cardiac arrests, especially in residential areas.

Title: Contactless cardiac arrest detection using smart devices

Researchers: Justin Chan, Thomas Rea, Shyamnath Gollakota, Jacob E. Sunshine (22 May 2019)

Outcomes: a ‘smart speaker’ can be used to notice agonal breathing and warn the emergency services automatically. This makes it possible to send citizen responders on site even faster.